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2018 Guests

Sigal Bujman director-sm

Sigal Bujman, Director

Co-created and directed the 30-part cultural travel series "Fantastic Festivals of the World," "Haifa - the Silenced Voices," "Koxinga - A Heroes Legacy," and "Papa Boss." She is the director, producer, and writer of VITCH. IMDB

Larry Confino web headshot

Larry Confino, Co-director

Larry Confino is an Executive Producer and Producer-Director at Synapse Productions, focusing on Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and live-streaming spherical VR where viewers anywhere in the world can feel a true sense of presence at a live performance happening in real time.

Clave Gringa crop 130x130

Clave Gringa Latin Jazz Band, Feat. Ann Reynolds

Clave Gringa
is a Seattle Latin jazz band whose song "La Chica del Malecón" is featured on the CUBA'S FORGOTTEN JEWELS soundtrack. The energy and spirit of Clave Gringa reflects a commitment to an authentic expression of music and is an invitation to get up and move. Repertoire includes a broad spectrum of Cuban styles from Cuban and danzon to rumba and Afro Cuban with an infusion of American jazz. Official Website

Fetters SaraMichelle

Sara Michelle Fetters, Speaker

Sara Michelle Fetters is the editor-in-chief of, the lead film critic for the Seattle Gay News and a founding member and co-host of the popular Cinema Squabble podcast. She's been writing about film professionally since she was 14, getting her start at the Spokesman Review while still in high school. She also eats a lot of tacos.

KlezKatz Headshot

Klez Katz! Klezmer Band

The Klez Katz! are dedicated to the preservation and encouragement of the rich musical heritage of the Yiddish diaspora. Their repertoire encompasses freilach, bulgar, sher, terkishe, khosidl, theater music, folk songs and even the odd klezmer-influenced jazz tune. The Klez Katz have been featured at numerous events, including City Hall Concerts, The Wallingford Wurst Festival, Northwest Folklife, and The Tilth Harvest Fair.

Judy Kreith

Judy Kreith, Director

Judy Kreith, the film's co-director and co-producer is a professional dance educator and choreographer. She received her MA Degree from Stanford University. Her mother, Marion Finkels Kreith, is the key inspiration for this film. IMDB
Denise small

Denise Loder-DeLuca, Special Guest

Denise Loder-DeLuca is the first-born child of Austrian actress and inventor Hedy Lamarr – known as " the most beautiful woman in the world " – and British actor John Loder. She was an art major at the University of California, Berkeley in the 60's. After moving to Seattle, she showed her paintings in art galleries while working as an art teacher. She then made quite a name for herself as a regional training artist at Nordstrom in the cosmetic industry for 28 years. Denise is now retired and lives in Seattle.


Yaffa-and-Paul-Maritz SJFF-website-130x130

Yaffa and Paul Maritz, Producers

Yaffa Maritz is the niece of Eddie Vitch. Her father, who grew up in a shtetl outside Warsaw thought he was the sole survivor of his entire family but suspected his brother survived because he was a "famous" performer and cartoonist. It became Yaffa's passion to see if his intuition was right. Yaffa is co-founder and clinical director of Listening Mothers and co-founder and director of the Community of Mindful Parenting. She was born and trained in Israel as a clinical psychologist. Her husband and co-producer, Paul Maritz is a computer scientist and software engineer.


Devin Naar, Speaker

Dr. Devin E. Naar is the Isaac Alhadeff Professor in Sephardic Studies, Assistant Professor of History, and faculty at the Stroum Center for Jewish Studies in the Jackson School of International Studies at the University of Washington. Born and raised in New Jersey, Dr. Naar graduated summa cum laude from Washington University in St. Louis and received his Ph.D. in History at Stanford University. His first book Jewish Salonica: Between the Ottoman Empire and Modern Greece was published in 2017.

Marc Pingry cinematographer-sm

Marc Pingry, Director of Photography

Emmy Award–winning director of photography and editor of VITCH, Marc Pingry, has been in the filmmaking business for over 40 years. He worked for public television stations 22 years and in 1999 formed his own production company. Marc has shot documentaries around the world and has produced and edited programs that have aired on networks worldwide. IMDB

Rebekah Reiko-sm

Rebekah Reiko, Director

Documentary filmmaker, cinematographer and photographer Rebekah Reiko explores contemporary themes outside the spotlight. She holds an MFA in Documentary Media from Ryerson University and has made films in India, Israel, Canada and Germany. She is the director of MANDALA BEATS. IMDB

Lawrence Russo director-sm

Lawrence Russo, Director

Lawrence Russo, director and executive producer of TREZOROS studied at NYU's film school, after working at New Line Cinema he joined a group of SUNY Purchase filmmakers to co-found the independent studio "The Shooting Gallery" (Laws of Gravity, Sling Blade). Russo also produced and directed the Emmy nomnated PBS short film showcase "ShortCuts" hosted by Louis CK. IMDB

 Sasha Senderovich guest-sm

Sasha Senderovich, Speaker

Sasha Senderovich is an Assistant Professor in Slavic Languages & Literatures and the Jackson School of International Studies, and a faculty member at the Stroum Center for Jewish Studies at UW. He teaches courses on Soviet and Russian cinema, culture, and literature; the Russian Jewish Experience; and modern Jewish literature and culture. In addition to his academic work, Sasha has published journalism and public scholarship in the Los Angeles Review of Books, Lilith, The Forward, The New York Times, The New Republic, and The New Yorker's Page-turner blog, and The Stranger.

Tiffany Shlain director-sm

Tiffany Shlain, Director & REEL Difference Recipient

Tiffany Shlain is an Emmy-nominated filmmaker, author, internet pioneer, and founder of The Webby Awards. Her Let it Ripple film studio makes impactful films and creates global social initiatives (Character Day and 50/50 Day) to explore the intersection of technology, identity, and connection, and incite discussion about important issues shaping our lives that unites over 100,000 live events linked online. Selected by the Albert Einstein Foundation as a contributor to Genius: 100 Visions of the Future, Tiffany's films and work have received more than 80 awards and distinctions, including premieres at the Sundance Film Festival. Her films have been selected by the State Department to represent America around the world. IMDB

Dwight Slade comedian-sm

Dwight Slade, Comedian

LAND OF MILK AND FUNNYComedian Dwight Slade began his comedy career at the tender age of 13 in Houston, Texas when he and friend Bill Hicks began writing jokes to try out on friends. Soon they were defying their parent's curfew and riding their bikes to open mikes. Slade has appeared on Comedy Central, The Tonight Show and HBO's "Best of the US Comedy Arts Festival." IMDB

Robin Truesdale

Robin Truesdale, Director

Robin is the film's co-director, co-producer, cinematographer, and editor. She is the founder of Two Hands Films. She has directed, produced, and edited films that have screened at festivals and conferences worldwide, including A Beautiful Equation: Einstein, Bohr and Grandmothers, a 2015 Platinum Remi Award winner. IMDB