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About The Film

Passionate anti-Semite and Holocaust denier, Csanad Szegedi rose up through the ranks to lead Hungary’s far right conservative Jobbik Party. As fate would have it, at the peak of his political career, he discovers a dark family secret kept for decades: his maternal grandparents were Jewish. After the initial shock, Szegedi enlists the help of an empathetic rabbi, who, to the horror and dismay of his peers, helps him take a U-turn, visiting Auschwitz with Holocaust survivors, confronting his wrong doings, and transitioning from notorious anti-Semite to Orthodox Jew. Weaving rich archival material, riveting interviews and vérité footage, KEEP QUIET follows Szegedi on his three-year journey. The filmmakers’ access is astounding and immersive, and leaves you questioning whether Szegedi did in fact have an epiphany—or is it all an act?

Guest Speaker


Professor James Felak, UW Department of History. James Felak is a professor of Eastern and modern Europe at University of Washington. His research focus is in the intersection of religion, politics, and nationalism.


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Film Details:

Director: Sam Blair, Joseph Martin
Country: UK, Hungary
Language: English, Hungarian w/subtitles
Running Time: 97m
Year: 2016
Genre: Documentary
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  • Anti-Semitism

Rating/Warnig: G